About Us

We are a Norwegian software company founded
and owned by designer-poet Klaus Nordby.

iCognition has seven team members spread across the globe who all passionately work to create our unique Designer Mindware.


Klaus Nordby, Visioneer

Through no fault of his own, Klaus is a Norwegian from Oslo.
He is a still-youthful 61-year old poet, artist, intellectual and technologist — and the big, bad boss of iCognition.

As the inventor-designer of all our products, he is obsessed with beautiful graphics and is infamous for running fanatical quality-control everywhere. He operates on 24-hour Norwegian military time and is never late for anything
— except for tidying his office. Klaus is happily owned by two sweet ladies: Karamelle, the Norwegian Forest Cat
— and Hellen, the Brazilian Beauty Queen.

His Spaghetti Bolognese sauce is justly world-famous.


Hellen Santos, Organizeer

She is Brazilian by birth and Norwegian by conviction. As a professional psychologist Hellen always keeps Klaus under close observation — and as a professional gastronomist she despairs over his meat-obsessed cooking, preferring rabbit-food for herself. But she is still eager to at least try Klaus’s favorite dish: whale steak.

Having much experience in hiring and firing people, she gently guides us in becoming better worker bees — and she at least tries to organize Klaus’ strange, old house Kalista.

A devoted admirer of all felines, Hellen is a happy part-time Mommy for Karamelle.

Puneeta Uchil, Marketeer

Being 34 and going on 13, she is incurably Indian
— and hence a passionate lover of romantic dramas, be they Indian, American or Korean. This has prepped her well for being our CCO — Chief Cheerleading Officer.

She frequently comes up with sudden marketing and PR ideas, leaving her bickering-collaborator, Klaus, in surprised amazement. She has been with iCognition and Klaus since the earliest days, in March 2017 — and has lived through all the ups and downs like a true trooper.

In the Puneetan world, dogs are not optional, but mandatory. She lives on social media and thrives on spicy Asian foods and bland Italian foods.

William O’Rourke, Manageer

William is an American cognitive therapist and MBA who, 10 years ago, fell in love with Norway and moved to Oslo
— and became a part-time cook.

He volunteers with Red Cross around the world
— he has travelled to a whopping 129 countries, so far! William also often visits Klaus’ home Kalista where they proceed to have gala “office” parties without the rest of us. He doesn’t always “get” Klaus’ (brilliant) design or marketing ideas
— but he certainly understands business. Always ready with a loud laugh, he is our in-house psychotherapist and business consultant — our go-to guy for talks, cries and rants.

William is a proud and devout member of the Church of Luddites.

Romeo “Bob” Fernandez, Engineer

An easy-going Filipino, he has taught coding and graphics at colleges and designed and coded many computer games.
Now, at age 43, it is Bob’s strange lot in life to realize in perfect code Klaus’ super-demanding UI innovations.

A family man with three kids in various alfa- and beta-stages, Bob works from home. His Skype mike is mostly on mute when we have our weekly iCalls — because of his menagerie of pets and children (and Klaus hates all mind-destroying noise).

Bob also loves music and has played both lead guitar and bass in bands. And, as his greatest accomplishment, age 16 he almost became a comic book artist for Marvel — a fact which fellow Marvel-fan Klaus is immensely jealous of!

Jay Jamero, Codeer

The youngest member of iCognition, Jay works on the backend servers and with testing our apps.

When he is not being bossed around by Bob and Klaus, he likes to go hiking, trekking and travelling. He loves to watch TV series and movies in the romantic and sci-fi genres
— and will soon be watching these with his brand-new wife.

Though not a fan of big, fat books, Jay loves reading manga comics. His pet peeves include spicy food, the smell of cigarettes and horror movies.

Jacob Puzon, Codeer

Jacob was always interested in creating software, but he ended up studying psychology — and then he worked in Human Resources for a decade.

But at the start of 2020, Jacob wanted to explore the world of coding — and Bob, whom he used to play music with, took him under his mighty wings.

Being quickly bitten and smitten, Jay quit his full-time job to create beautiful software-music in the Philippines headquarters of iCognition — Bob’s Garage.

Jacob has the passion and fire we so cherish in iCognition
— and we are looking forward to watching him glow and grow with us!